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Day #2 of my Forex Journey

Real quick before I get into my next steps of my FX Journey, id like to say thank you to all the people who commented on my last post! All of the tips I got were really eye-opening and introduced me to different parts of FX trading that I didn't even know existed. So thank you so much, and I hope to get more interesting feedback from you guys in the future! Also Im going to probably change my writing frequency from daily to biweekly. I think writing about every little trade is not going to be as beneficial to me as writing about my overall progress at certain points throughout the week.
I started this trading day out by learning up on order flow. A whole bunch of you guys suggested really interesting youtubers to watch, and I started with Mr. pip's series on order flow. After I finished up watching a few of his videos, I started to tweak my trading plan so that I could get in some chart time. I changed currency pair from EUUSD to the AUD/USD, the time frame from the 4 hour to the 1 hour, and my indicators from RSI, Stochastic, 2 SMAs and ADX to ATR, RSI, and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. I also added a little fundamental analysis in my trading plan because I think that I am being far too reliant on my indicators. I planned to check the economic calendar and determine the general trend of the currency pairs that are strongly correlated to the AUD/USD before I began my chart analysis. In addition to all of my analysis, I tried to practice using the techniques I learned in Mr. Pip's videos and analyze the order flow of the chart. Even if my analysis of order flow is wrong, as long as I am getting practice I am learning.
Eventhough I planned to use today to back-test indicators and find a solid new plan, I did not have enough time. I ended up getting on my demo account really late in the day, and started to force myself to enter a trade. Destructive habits like this could lead into some massive issues when I eventually get into live trading. To combat this harmful attitude specifically, I will restrict myself to trading on certain parts of the day (for example session overlaps, news releases, and earlier in the day). Despite this mistake I still continued with my trading strategy. I calculated all the currency correlations for AUS/USD using the past weeks economic data, and set my indicators in place. After checking the overall trend of the most strongly correlated pairs (Positive: EUUSD, GPB/USD, Negative: USD/CAD, USD/JPY) I started to analyze the order flow. All the correlated currencies, except for EUUSD, indicated that the AUD/USD would fall, while my order flow analysis indicated the opposite. Seeing as though I am extremely new to order flow, I dismissed this analysis, and ended up forcing a trade on the AUD/USD going short when my indicators seemed to line up correctly. I learned from last time that I should not alter or close my trade purely based on emotion, and to just wait till the market hits my stop loss or take profit. I included a trailing stop loss of 60 pips this time, but I have no evidence to base that number range on. The trade is currently open and I am down about 30 pips.
Although I am not labeling this trade as a loser yet, I can definitely see a lot of holes in my trading strategy. The most obvious mistake in my eyes right now is my use of indicators. Currently all my trades are purely based on what my indicators say, and since I do not have any back-tested data to support the credibility of my indicators, it feels a lot like strategic gambling. Another issue is that I feel far too reliant on indicators alone. I think that if I can find ways to include various types of analysis efficiently and evenly in my trading plan I will become a much more skillful and well-rounded trader. In order to combat these two issues I will begin forming various types of trading strategies this weekend and back-test them all extensively. I also plan on researching more on price action, order flow, and Naked Forex.
Once again any and all feedback is welcome. I am just beginning Forex, but it had been a huge passion of mine and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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Happy day to all my clients am so happy for Friday successfull payouts to all my client. so many of them and the new clients the ones who had been scam before they contacted me, now they believe that binary options trade is legit am so happy for them and their trust for a client to loose $5000 and he still trust and invest $1000 and received $8000 on Friday as profits was so happy on Friday also thanks for your trust life is a challenge do not give up in life once again thanks to all my clients mr @clarke_wilsonfx Dm me now this Friday could be your day


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So you've begun forex exchanging and are amped up for how a lot of cash you're going to make, you should simply stall out in. In any case, when would it be advisable for you to exchange? Where would it be a good idea for you to enter? Which money sets would it be advisable for you to take a gander at?

Envision if there was an answer that let you know precisely when to enter an exchange!
New kid on the block dealer, meet Mr. Marker. Disregard those senseless climbing ashy candles, that poo is simply excessively mind boggling.
What on earth is a bullish overwhelming flame development at any rate? I'm a new kid on the block, I don't have a clue, or care, I simply need to make cash damn it! Demonstrate to me the most straightforward approach to make cash at the present time!
Sound commonplace?
These mystical pointers will guide you. Like a Magic 8-ball. They'll demonstrate to you the route to the heavenly place that is known for forex magnificence, where the avenues are cleared in green pips, and everybody you meet gives you a bar of bullion, since you merit it.
It helps me to remember my most loved Guns n Roses track "Bring me down to the heaven city where the pips are green and the diagrams are beautiful, goodness won't you please take me home, hold up ouw"
In this way, what precisely is a MACD, CCI, ATR, RSI or a ridiculous Stochastic!
They all solid so logical; without a doubt they should be great?
All things considered, I'm sorry to learn your air pocket… yet this is simply one more approach to peruse value developments in the market (a few brokers like to call this value activity). A marker is parcel more like salt and pepper than Colonel Sanders 12 mystery herbs and flavors.
On the off chance that you just learn one thing today, make it this: As merchants, we just approach a constrained measure of data.
These are the main two things we know without a doubt:
What cost is presently?
What cost was 1min, 5mins, 15mins, 1hr (you get the thought) prior
That is it.
All markers are doing is demonstrating to you this data in an alternate organization.
Presently, for all the pointer fans out there, you'll be satisfied to know it's not all foolishness. Pointers are intended to indicate past examples in the market that probably won't be anything but difficult to see with the stripped eye. What's more, the hypothesis goes, in the event that you can distinguish an example from an earlier time, at that point you'll have the capacity to anticipate what's to come. In any case, that is a discussion for one more day.
Will forex dealers foresee what's to come? That is an incredible theme for my next blog entry… hold tight, let me record that…
Alright, I'm back. Presently, the current theme – Which pointer would it be advisable for you to utilize?
Whichever one you need.
Apologies, I realize that is most likely a bit of disappointing…
All it's doing is demonstrating to you what you definitely know (present and past market cost) in an alternate visual configuration. So discover a pointer you see, at that point stay with it.
My solitary suggestion is to abstain from running different pointers without a moment's delay since you'll likely befuddle yourself.
Picture result for MT4 window with pointers
It would appear that it's a great opportunity to purchase, sell, hold and turn.
By and by, I like to exchange bare. That is correct, starker's.
You will probably discover once you watch the graphs for a considerable length of time, you won't require the spiritualist Ichimoku Cloud to furnish you with a climate figure. You'll have the capacity to gaze toward the sky and tell for yourself whether you'll require an umbrella for the session ahead.
Contact:, +44 208 638 8973.
Head Office
Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom
Asian Branch
19/1, Sri Sumanarama Road,
Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka
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Harmonic Trader & Mr. Pip: Harmonics Discussion What is a Pip?  Forex Trading for Beginners - YouTube Mr. GJ Forex Trading Strategy - Scalping the Impulse  02 ... Mr. Pip - YouTube Mr GJ Exclusive Training (Forex Basics) - 4/30/2019 - YouTube 03 - What is a pip? - easyMarkets - Education - YouTube

Over a short period of time, and hard work, I've developed a very successful forex trading strategy that has earned me the nick name "Mr GJ" for the specific currency pair that I trade, GBP /JPY. Becoming a successful trader takes the courage to try, fail, succeed, and keep going when it gets tough. Mr.Pip wrote a new post, Quitando paja al asunto: evita emociones negativas ante operaciones perdedoras hace 10 años, 2 meses Todo trader debe saber que el control emocional, al igual que la calidad de nuestro estado mental a lo hora de tomar decisiones, es un componente esencial y primordial para obtener el éxito tradeando en forex. View Mr. Pip's profile on Forex Factory. Markets Traded: Energy, Equities, Forex, Metals; Contracts Traded: Spot, Futures, Options, ETFs Forex Factory Forex Currencies Real Time Quotes GBP/JPY MQL5 Economic Calendar GBP/JPY Live chart Follow mr. GJ PIP walking. 815 Brazos St., Ste. 500 Austin, TX 78701. [email protected] FULL RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost ... Mr.Pip Fairly simple analysis, gold has landed on a weekly demand level (Rally Base Rally) with an awesome fakeout that most likely suckered in bears. I am entering at the .50% fib as I always do. Try FAMA MR PIP Metatrader indicator in your mt4 platform. This is also known as FAMA MR PIP indicator. Read our tutorial on installing indicators below if you are not sure how to add this indicator into your trading platform. Forex Mr Pip Trend MT4 Indicator: About the Forex Mr Pip Trend MT4 Indicator. Mr Pip Trend indicator combines powerful price action analysis and sophisticated algorithmic data analysis to provide traders with high-accuracy chart analysis and support the decision-making process. You can use Mr Pip Trend Indicator to trade all the markets (all Forex pairs, all CFDs and Cryptocurrencies) on all ... Broker with a pip by pip trailing stop 24 replies. Pip by pip - my trading journal 21 replies. Elite eFibo Trader - 200 pip gain turns to 2000 pip gain 14 replies. GBP/USD daily pip movement vs. EUR/USD daily pip movement 3 replies. 100 pip STOP for a 100 pip Target 7 replies Mr Pip Forex Factory! MFM7 auto forex trading expert advisor EA robot. mr pip forex factory commodity volatility! Options Trading Basics (3 Course Bundle). EUR/USD se mueve de 1.3250 a 1.3251 eso es 1 Pip el último decimal en la cotización. De esta manera ya puedes empezar a operar en Forex. 2 comentarios app, forex, metatrader4, mt4 ¿Ques es el trading en Forex? Publicado abril 14, 2020 Actualizado abril 14, 2020 Mr. Forex Concepto. El Trading en Forex se podría definir como la compra y venta de activos (divisas) , para poder realizar un ...

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Harmonic Trader & Mr. Pip: Harmonics Discussion

TRADEWHATUSEE.COM PRESENTS DAMIAN CASTILLA AND HIS DAY TRADING METHODS. Daily Live Trading with Forex & Futures Markets followed with weekend updates and int... For more info visit: Easy Forex - In order to trade successfully you need to understand what a pip is and how to c... In this video, I break down how I trade the impulse moves in the Forex market. Website: Facebook: In today's Gartley Group session, Scott Carney of and Damian Castilla, know to many as Mr. Pip and manages the "Harmonics&Ratios" comm... Mr. GJ Exclusive Forex Trading Training: Forex Basics Join the Movement: Mr GJ Merchandise: A pip is the unit you count profit or loss in. Most currency pairs, except Japanese yen pairs, are quoted to four decimal places. The fourth spot after the d... Forex rockstar makes $50,000 in a single trade catching the high of the day. - Duration: 3:05. Forex Rockstar 448,556 views